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I have another tip about taking kids to the toilet on a flight and you mention trying to fit it in before the meal is served. I’ve discovered a great little moment when you can almost guarantee there a no queues in front of the toilet! I always order kids meals, which (as you mentioned) often come before the adults are served. By the time the adults are served, my 2 boys are just about finished and starting to make a mess with the leftovers on their tray (and need the toilet after their adult sized drinks!). It never takes me long to eat my meal so once I’ve finished I gently stack all the plates/bowls/trays together on one (sometimes 2) tray tables and the boys and I squeeze out and go to the toilet and clean teeth. Sounds fiddly and messy, but it’s worth it for the free aisle, no toilet queues, and no leftover food for the kids to play with! I’ve also often carried the trays myself to the galley kitchen to get rid of them – nothing worse than being left with a tray of food in front of you for much longer than you really need it!

Another tip – I’m not sure how other airlines compare, but I fly Qantas regularly and I notice they always hand out immigration cards just before the kid’s meal comes. I take this opportunity to fill the card in so I’m not scrambling to do it later when the kids are getting restless and wanting more attention. Although there’s usually only just enough time so I have to be quick!

Tara B