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Special Seats, Part II: Exit Row Seats

The other special seat on every flight is the exit row seat, the row next to each door. The airlines will not allow children in these rows, as the passengers seated there are expected to help open the airplane doors in the event of an emergency. The seats are awesome however because you have more legroom than any other seat on the whole plane except maybe the pilot's.

If you are two parents with one child, you might consider one parent and the kid in row two, while one parent stretches out in the exit row seat. I'll leave it to you and whatever professional counselor you select to work out how the seats and kid duty will be divided up between parents.

Ok, Ok, I'll only add, quietly, that the secret Official Sweaty Guy Masculine Handbook says grab the exit row seat first and hang on through the first meal service, hoping the kid nods off with a full belly and you can negotiate with your captive spouse to hang on to the seat (“Honey, I'd love to switch with you but I'm afraid all the moving around would wake up baby Brittany”).