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Review: Pedia-Pak

To find out if you need to read this whole review or not, begin with this simple quiz:

When on a family trip to Beijing and one child gets a fever in the middle of the night, I would:

a) Prefer to spend several hours locating a drug store that was open, then learn Chinese to be able to ask for Tylenol;

b) Settle for whatever the woman at the hotel front desk has in her purse;

c) Remember before the trip to have gone to Mega Drug Mart and bought one of everything hoping they had travel sizes;

d) Found what I needed in the Pedia-Pak kit I bought online, helped my child, and then rolled over for a few more hours of sleep.

I'm guessing you probably choose answer “D” and thus may want to read this review.

Sick Kids

A sick child is every parent's worst worry, even more so when away from home, and even even more so when abroad in a strange place where you might not speak the local language. On our page on children's health while traveling, we recommend that you bring along some basic stuff, like Tylenol and diarrhea medicine, along with a first aid kit. The hassle of carrying these things is quickly forgotten when a trip to the once-in-a-millennium Da Vinci exhibit is not interrupted by a mad taxi-driven dash to find an open drug store. While you can certainly pack such a kit yourself, there are much better ways to do it.


Hello Pedia-Pak. Pedia-Pak consists of a compact, multi-compartment, durable medical carrying bag containing a wide variety of first aid supplies and medications appropriate for treating most common childhood problems. Things like Tylenol, hydrocortisone, band-aids, tweezers and way, way more.

Carry On

Everything is nicely packed in a small carry case. You don't have to shop for things, you don't have to put things into your own suitcases and you don't have to hunt around among your grimy undies (you know who you are) and socks to find the stuff when you need it. The case even has a bit of extra room in it for storing any stuff specific for your child, such as a prescription medicine you need to bring along. The whole kit is small enough to carry on the plane, and light enough that you can even get your kid to carry it for you.

I can't think of anything not in the kit that would be generally useful, and there isn't anything that we have otherwise hauled along with us that is missing. OK, if pressed, the tube of Aloe for sunburns is kinda small and for anything more than a mild roasting you'll need more.

For Adoptive Parents

For you soon-to-be adoptive parents, Pedia-Pak is an ideal travel medical kit for those traveling abroad for the purposes of international adoption. Developed by an adoptive mother/actual nurse and a leading pediatrician, Pedia-Pak is specifically for infants and children up to five years of age (and be sure to take a look at our own section on adopting internationally).


This is a terrific product, and compared to the average first aid kit, delightfully child oriented in size, contents and in being stocked with children's versions of each medicine. It'll save you time and hassle on any trip, and add that extra bit of piece of mind we parents otherwise spend a lot more money seeking.

Take a look.