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here are a few of our tips from 10 days in tokyo with a picky 3 year old and 6 year old (who do eat some sushi).

7-11’s carry onigiri (big rice balls with something inside and wrapped with sushi paper called nori) totally decent and cost about 200 yen. we also found some “niku-man” there, which are big white boiled dough balls with something inside. the dough is puffy and sweet and they even have some with pizza stuffing. also about 200 yen.

noodle shops are good, particularly just going with the plain kind for the kids. or some potato croquettes which are everywhere.

for blowing the budget, there is a restaurant called “ninja” which i think is in akasaka, where you are served in a mysterious labyrinth by faux ninjas. they have a ninja magician, appetizers that appear in a fog (hidden dry ice) and my 6 year old particularly liked pulling a sword out of a chicken dish. just minimally cheezy, it was actually fun. cost for 2 kids and 2 adults was about 20,000 yen.