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What to Do: Free Video Games

It's true. Right at the central Ginza crossing is the SONY showroom (it has a massive sign that says PANASONIC. No, no, that's just a little consumer electronics humor. It kills with that crowd. Seriously, the sign says SONY in giant letters). It is open every day, and features all the electronic stuff SONY makes. There are always new video games available to try out, albeit with some healthy Tokyo-sized lines to wait in I'm afraid. People say sometimes SONY shows off new games here before they are even released to the public but like so many Internet rumors, I have never spoken to a person who actually saw it him/herself.

There are I can confirm some video and audio watching and listening rooms showing off the best of the best stuff SONY is peddling that are great places to sit down when the kids have won the distance championships over you. It is also all remarkably free. Next store is Maxim's of Paris' Tokyo branch restaurant in case you wanted to spend $120 for lunch to balance out all the free fun you had at SONY.