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Things to Leave at Home

Go through your wallet or purse and leave anything you won't need abroad at home.

It is doubtful that your library card and Blockbuster Video membership will do you any good in Bangkok, so why risk losing them?

Same for the family photos in your wallet. If you've read this far I'm going to take a flyer that you are traveling with your kids. All that can happen is that you'll lose the photo. If you want to show off the kids abroad, wipe the chocolate off their mouths and tell ‘em to stand up straight. You can also have a copy of the photo made if you do want to share the picture with new friends.

Same for anything that you can't or don't want to replace, such as family heirloom jewelry. Even if the piece is not valuable in monetary terms, you can't replace your dear Aunt's ring if it slips off in Egypt after you've lost some weight in the heat.