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Hi!I am a Londoner, and would like to suggets you add Hampstead Heath as a great place to take kids. It is a beautiful expansive park in North West London, that is cultivated to be ‘wild’, so although you will not find the flower gardens or rowing lakes of the royal parks there, you will find fields to picnic in, woods to wander through, trees to climb, hills to roll down, ponds to swim in (one mixed, and one each for men and women) and a wealth of wildlife to gawk at. Kenwood House is a stately home on the Highgate side of the heath, which houses a fantastic art collection, including works by Vermeer, and hosts open air concerts with fireworks throughout the summer. The heath is bordered by Hampstead and Highgate, both lovely, wealthy neighbourhoods with great cafes. Hampstead is also good for shopping, and seeking out those blue plaques of the literatti who have lived there for centuries. A wonderful place to visit in all seasons.