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Seriously? "While signs warn of pickpockets on the trains, we never felt threatened in anyway anywhere"? "Tap water is generally safe to drink"? "Nobody knows what "no MSG" means"?

Pickpockets are very real in Hong Kong. My dad got his camera stolen, and he's even FROM Hong Kong. Pickpocketing is serious business. Tip: ALWAYS get a handbag with a zipper, and NEVER put anything in the back pockets (front pocket is better, but not advised).

Tap water is not generally safe to drink unless you are at a hotel. Always carry bottled water. Never drink lukewarm to cold water in Hong Kong. It must be hot, close to boiling. There's a reason why people in Hong Kong like to wash every chopstick, plate, cup, and bowl in a larger bowl of boiling water when they're in a restaurant. There's a reason why it's recommended that you never buy anything that's not freezing cold or boiling hot.

...You seriously don't know what MSG is? Then again, it seems HK people have more of an obsession with "no MSG" than Americans. MSG is a flavour enhancer (it's a form of sodium). It causes people to get very thirsty and is generally regarded as a dangerous chemical when overconsumed. At least in the eyes of HK people, anyways.