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Please don’t despair from the negative tone of this article, I have never been treated in the manner described here. Take your kids to Cabbage Beach on PI, no vendors that I have ever seen, just sand and water and from the rocks they can watch the waves.

Bring a collapisble cooler on your trip, take a taxi over to PI, ask the driver to stop at the sub shop or News Cafe and order sandwiches for the beach.( We bought him lunch too. )Or perhaps this is somethng you can arrange on the ship before you leave.There are 3 ATM’s on PI.
Grab some cold drinks ( there is a liquor store in the plaza by the Bank of Nova Scotia )and ask him to proceed to the far end of Cabbage Beach. If you want him to pick you up that also can be arranged. Walk down the path to the most gorgeous beach, the rocks at the far end are always a good place to snorkel and the million dollar houses are a bonus! Part of the beach was on a slant so we made ‘chairs’ out of sand.You could take the water taxi back, so as to avoid the traffic;you would have to ask your driver to drop you there by the bottom of the bridge. When you come up from the beach there is always taxis around although you might have to walk down the road a bit or you might even be able to get one at the beach resort place at the start of the path.have a great vacation.

maura hagarty bannon