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We just came back from a 16 days asia trip. We went to Hongkong, Phuket and Singapore. Our favorite part is a relaxing holiday in Phuket and we also found Singapore to be very convenient for baby. HK is a bit harder to stroller around because of the narrower street and also it was our first stop during the trip so we were a bit jet lagged. But we loved it as well.

My son had no problem adjusting to asia time zone ( 8-9 hours difference from san francisco). The first three days, he went to sleep in his stroller around 1PM asia time). By 4th day, he was completely on local schedule sleeping 11 hours straight at night.

Now it was the 4th day since we were back. I found chaning his schedule back to normal is a lot harder. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Also, I was looking at your jetlag diet, but it seems the link is broken.

Keep up the good work.