Things for Clean and Dry Clothes

We all know how easy it is for kids to get messy. Here are some tips to lessen the burden of keeping things tidy.

Clothes Pins

Take some plastic clothes pins. Use them to dry out wet clothes on the hotel porch, or in the room. The kids can play with them otherwise. Kids of course have a tendency to muss up clothes one way or another and are less enthusiastic than grownups about slipping into a cold, wet bathing suit (you can warm it up a bit with a hair dryer if needed).

Use the clothes pin inside your suitcase to keep socks together, to in a jacket to the hanger so the two don't separate or to pin a necktie to a jacket lapel to keep the tie from ending up all scrunched up in the bottom of the bag.

A Short Piece of Rope

You can use it to dry clothes in the room as a temporary clothes line or to wrap ‘round a bulging suitcase whose locks have seen better times. This also makes it easier to spot the suitcase on the baggage carousel.

Laundry Soap

Get the little pre-measured packets if you can find them, or buy small sizes from a vending machine at a coin laundry near home. You can also fill a ziplock bag with powdered soap at home. The advantage of the latter is that wondering if the bag will break or pop open enroute adds dramatic tension to a trip. With our kids, we found that we either over-packed or eventually washed clothes in the room. Sorry.

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