Special Health Concerns

Depending on when and where you travel, you will also need to consider carefully the possible affects of your trip on your child. Things like immunizations, anti-malarials, bad water, weird food and uncertain health conditions which might be a hassle under other circumstances can become life-threatening to your child. We talk about general health issues elsewhere on this web site.

In the U.S., you can also call the National Vaccine Information Center at (800) 909-SHOT for additional information about immunizations.

The International Society of Travel Medicine Clinic Directory is an exhaustive listing of clinics all over the U.S. and in many other countries that can provide travel-related medical care, such as immunizations.

If your doctor is not fully prepared to discuss health care conditions in the host country, you should do your own research and then consult the doctor (she may know a lot about babies but may not know a lot about conditions in Nepal).

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