Lost Cards

As we said about travel health insurance, it is real close to impossible to call a U.S. toll-free number (800-, 888-) from abroad. Be sure you have “regular” non-toll free numbers for your credit card company so that you'll be able to call from a pay phone in Argentina. Obtain and write down the company's phone hours. Remember, daytime in China is night on the U.S. East Coast so 24 hour available service is important.

If you lose your card, or suspect that it may have been misused, contact the card issuer as soon as possible to limit your liability. Some bad news: if you used your card to guarantee a hotel room for later in your trip, when the card issuer hits the brakes on your card due to its loss or misuse the hotel may also cancel your guarantee as the card they were waiting to charge your room to just went away. Discuss this with the card company and the hotel if it happens to you.

You can find out more on line by visiting VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

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