Where We Stayed: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Here are a few things that worked/didn't work for us:

  • We started out with an infant to stay in a traditional Korean inn, located through a guide book. Cool. Only the guidebook seemed to be a bit out of date and the “inn” turned out to be a place that rented rooms by the hour, and all sorts of loud naughtiness kept us up all night.
  • Asking directions in Kyoto at a temple lead to us staying the night, and eating with the monks. After the girls went to sleep, the missus and I held hands and looked out onto the temple garden way past midnight. They ain't got one of those at the Holiday Inn, Jim.
  • After two nights of misguided cultural adventure with no hot water in a B&B in Scotland in February, we were willing to perform in the bar if the clerk at the Hilton had asked us to for a room with hot water and a lovely heater that did not require us to stick coins in every thirty minutes to stay warm.
  • A delightful B&B in Oxford right out of Fawlty Towers was perfect, until we saw the crib they had promised us. It had those old style slats instead of bars, just the right size for our 13 month old to jam her head into. My wife and I tried to weave towels around the slats to make it safe, only to spend the first half of the night awake worrying and the second half awake with the little one jammed into our bed. The full English breakfast the next day was awe inspiring however, and the innkeeper was a source of exacting intelligence on which pubs to check out.
  • We had only a one-day layover the first time through Bangkok, and the Hyatt's free shuttle bus, easy check in and central location (not to mention central air conditioning) meant we had most of the time free to see things we shouldn't miss, making the money for the room worth it by any measure.

Basically, think time/convenience versus money in choosing where to stay. You'll only go wrong trusting your instincts if you forget that the kids that are with you abroad are the same kids who are with you at home.

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