Do You Need a Visa?

So, got your passports? Now it is time to move into visa land. Visas are issued by other countries as a sign that they will consider admitting you into their country to spend money. They won't let just anyone in; it is kind of like looking through the peephole to see who is there before opening the door.

Americans do not need a visa for many countries, though if your purpose of travel is other than tourism, or if you want to stay more than a few days or so, you may still need a visa even though a casual tourist still may not.

The only definitive source is the host country's Embassy or Consulate. Many large travel agencies can help. When asking at an Embassy or travel agency about the need for visas, be sure to be specific about your purpose of travel (business, tourism, etc.) as well as how long you plan to stay. If someone in your group is not an American Citizen, you'll need to ask about this as well.

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