Applying for Your Visa

Sometimes countries charge you for the visa (if it makes you feel any better, the U.S. charges the same amount for visas for people from countries that charge Americans).

Sometimes they will issue you a visa in advance (you mail your passport to them, they stamp the visa and mail it back"€- find out in advance how long it takes), and sometimes they will set it up for you to “pick up” your visa at the airport abroad. Visas are never issued at the airport in the U.S. where you'll depart.

The good news is that many times your travel agency can help you obtain whatever visas you need. Some charge for the service, others will do it for free if you are buying your tickets and stuff from them.

There are also fee-based agencies that advertise in the backs of some travel magazines who will help you obtain visas. If you have allowed some time and are reasonably able you can probably apply on your own.

The fee-based agencies can be a big help if you have little time, have a low tolerance for hassles and phone calling or if you are venturing a bit further a field and need a visa for a more obscure destination or purpose.

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