7 Ways to Keep Your Children Occupied While Traveling

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Traveling with your children can be a fantastic way to bond with them, show them the world, make memories to last a lifetime, and feed their sense of adventure. Unfortunately, traveling with your children also means they may have to sit for a long time in a vehicle or an airplane and you just know the dreaded "Are we there yet?" is coming soon. Never fear, here are a few tips to help you keep them occupied on your journey.

  1. Music"€Ahh, music soothes the savage beast. And it works on kids too! Before leaving, make sure you have portable CD players with fresh batteries and a stockpile of their favorite CDs for the trip.
  2. Books on CD"€With the huge market of kid books out there, there is a tremendous number available on audio disc. These stories last for hours and will keep your child entranced for some time.
  3. Snacks"€Some snacks are good, like fruit or nuts. Try to stay away from sugary snacks or your kid will be bouncing off the seat when you're still 150 miles away from your destination!
  4. Games"€No, not the hand-held type, but the kind that use their imagination. Like "I Spy with My Eye"¦" or maybe license plate games, like counting to see how many different states you can find, or try to make a sentence with the letters in a passing car's license plate.
  5. Puzzle Books"€Puzzle books are great because they take the child's attention away from the road, and generally have big enough print to be able to read easily in a moving car. Try to avoid reading books, unless on a plane, the small print with the moving car could equal a sick child.
  6. Plan Your Trip Wisely"€By planning, I mean try to leave as early as possible on a car trip, bring your child's favorite pillow and they'll sleep for the better portion of the trip.
  7. Make Frequent Stops"€This isn't really realistic when you're flying, but can be a decent option in the car. Unfortunately, it takes you longer to get there, but it can make the trip more bearable for children. Getting out to stretch their legs and look at the scenery is sometimes all they need to get them through to the next stop.

There are always times during a long trip where everybody gets a little antsy, even the adults. Try some of these tips on your next trip and everyone will arrive happier and less stressful.

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Hi here is one tip for the hard to handle age of 18 months -3 years. A great way to keep a child in his seat for the all important take off/landing is…stickers! Make sure if the child is young they are easy peel stickers. If older smaller stickers can make for a longer play. this has kept our children at this age remarkably busy during our many plane trips so we keep lots of sheets handy for several parts of the trip!Also don’t fret if they do wander around, avoid dirty looks by supervising them in a pleasant way and realise they are young and flying is uncomfortable for any age.


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