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Have you ever noticed that when Conde Nast Traveller does a photo shoot of some elegant spa on the side of a cliff that those photos don't normally include some grubby six-year-old? I'm betting that Travel & Leisure's review of that quaint restaurant in Positano with squid ink risotto probably doesn't tell you that the owner positively adores kids and serves special meatballs for the little ones.

Traveling with a family is different: the places you stay, the things you do and where you eat. And while you'll travel differently than you used to, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it just as much.

TravelWithYourKids is written by parents, for parents. Just because you have a kid (or even a gaggle of them) that doesn't mean that you're obligated to stay home. We have tips for you whether you're traveling near or far.

Come in, check it out and maybe even leave a few thoughts of your own!

The Authors

  • Peter and Mari, with their two children now ages 14 and 10, have lived and traveled all over the world, mostly following Peter's job with a large international organization. They have had homes in Taiwan, Japan, the UK, Korea and Hong Kong, and traveled widely in between. On each move, flight, tuk-tuk ride and too long a bus ride, they have taken along their kids, first in a stroller and now under their own power. Along the way they all were nice enough to write down some of what they learned for the rest of us. Lastly, Peter remembers leaving a men's blue jacket 41 regular on the train in either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, so if anyone finds it please send it to him care of this web site.

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  • Erik and Julie live outside San Francisco with their two-year-old daughter. Erik has lived in London and Barcelona and has been to every continent (with the exception of Antartica) at least twice. Even at her young age, their daughter has been to Hawaii three times (lucky girl!), has spotted bald eagles and wolves in Yellowstone and has survived a number of cross-country trips.
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